We Are the Ants Service 5 Tips for Selecting the ideal Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

5 Tips for Selecting the ideal Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

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If you’re hunting for a new Trolling Motor Battery, there are several elements you’ll be thinking about before you make your obtain. In this particular post, we’ll discover 5 various of the very standard features to consider before you choose a Lithium Trolling Motor Battery. In the end with this post, you’ll have got a greater perception of which sort of electrical battery power satisfies your preferences.

Several considerations when buying a Lithium Trolling Motor Battery:

1.The First component to check out is definitely how typically you’ll be utilising your trolling motor. If you are using only your trolling motor at times, then this direct-acidity option electric battery load may be a a lot more sensible selection for yourself given that they’re more affordable. Even so, if you use your trolling generator regularly, then you’ll want to select a lithium electric powered battery since there is a much longer life-time and might hold up against a lot more recurrent use.

2.Another essential point to consider takes place when much body mass your motorboat could have. Lithium battery pack packages are significantly lighter in weight than lead-level of acidity energy provides, thus if weight is a concern for the vessel, then lithium is the way to go.

3.You’ll want to consider whether you want a serious-period or commencing battery pack. In the event you just need to possess a battery pack load to the infrequent use, then your establishing electric battery can be ample. Nonetheless, if you plan on using your trolling motor for too much time occasions or even in tough troubles, then you’ll have to have a deeply-routine battery pack load up.

4.An additional issue to be aware of is that lithium electrical power packs need to have additional care and routine servicing to improve their daily life-time. For instance, you’ll must steer clear of overcharging and discharging them too often. If you’re not self-confident with performing this type of upkeep, a steer-level of acidity battery pack may well be a more sensible choice for you personally given that they will need much less care and attention.

5.Ultimately, you’ll must think about what sizing electric battery you want. This is dependent upon the shape and kind of vessel you may have as well as the amount power you require from the trolling motor. Luckily, most companies guarantee it can be easily available out what dimension battery pack pack you need by providing sizing charts in the websites or perhaps in their merchandise instructions.


There are tons of points to consider just before a new Trolling Motor Battery. By spending a little while to look at your preferences and perform a little research, you can be sure to decide on the right kind of power supply to the sport fishing fishing boat plus your financial budget.

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