We Are the Ants Service The Professional Credentials Needed for CEOs like Wantickets’ Joseph Schnaier

The Professional Credentials Needed for CEOs like Wantickets’ Joseph Schnaier

The Professional Credentials Needed for CEOs like Wantickets’ Joseph Schnaier post thumbnail image

Entrepreneurial CEOs like Joseph Schnaier are needed in order to survive in business. It’s a sink or swim reality out there from the haves and have nots to the Wolves of Wall Street. You need credentialed investors with notable positions such as Schnaier to make it.

What an Entrepreneurial CEO Entails

• Are They CEO Material? Here’s the truth. Not all entrepreneurs are CEO material. Many of them hire CEOs to oversee their entrepreneurial investments, startups, and companies. However, there are entrepreneurs who take to the CEO position like fish to water exactly due to their entrepreneurial experience.

• What’s a Good Example of Entrepreneur CEO? Many starry-eyed entrepreneurs have a picture-perfect passionate dream and checklist but fall short at the execution. That’s how Schnaier stands out from the rest of the entrepreneurs—he has managerial and executive positions that gave him leadership experience to become CEO-worthy.

• The Unique Entrepreneur Point of View: An entrepreneur isn’t chosen by a committee or a board of directors to run a business. He himself starts the business, makes it grow, and entices investors to invest in it as it gains market shares and profit.

• The Entrepreneur in Him: Joseph is both experienced when it comes to being a CEO and an entrepreneur, thus allowing him to see things an “ordinary” or non-entrepreneurial CEO might not see. He has unique foresight on what works and where to invest.

• Built Business from the Ground Up: He has started and directed businesses as well as hired teams to make businesses grow, so he knows how to maintain businesses since he has built them from the ground up. He knows how to maintain businesses as well—that’s much easier.

A Record That Precedes Him

It’s Joseph Schnaier entrepreneurial experience that allowed him to build his fortune and reap the profits of multiple standalone businesses time and time again. He has worked as co-founder in many an investment firm as well as executive to boot.

The Wantickets Chief Executive Officer has a track record that precedes him. Joseph was also the Senior Vice-President of Investments of Meyers and Associates, the Co-Founder of DOD Marketing Corp., the Co-Founder of Friedman Schnaier& Associates, and former CEO of LiveXLive Tickets.

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