We Are the Ants General Uncovering the Ancient Wisdom of Raatijaga

Uncovering the Ancient Wisdom of Raatijaga

Uncovering the Ancient Wisdom of Raatijaga post thumbnail image


The Raatijaga folks are an Indigenous population group local south American rainforest. They are known for their sophisticated spiritual morals, which date back hundreds of years, in addition to their traditional procedures and spiritual rituals. These values are already transferred down through generations by word of mouth and continue to design the traditions of the tiny tribe these days. Let’s acquire a good look on the intriguing methods and thinking of your Raatijaga men and women.

Faith and Spirituality in Raatijaga Tradition

The Raatijaga men and women think that all living everything has a character, or what they phone “Manu”. Each and every creature is believed to possess its unique Manu, which accounts for helping its life decisions. In Raatijaga culture, it is actually believed that these spirits talk with each other by way of a psychic measurement called “Ushan” . This sizing might be reached through goals and visions, where individuals the tribe will receive communications through the spirits or divine creatures they worship.

Along with talking with spirits, the Raatijaga also training animism – the belief that every points include a character or soul. This consists of rocks, plant life, rivers and also severe storms! Therefore, every aspect in character is noted as through an influence on human being life—both good and bad—and has to be respected appropriately. To assist them accomplish this, members of the tribe often engage in rituals including purification events which include burning herbal remedies and chanting prayers to prevent any bad power.

Conventional Procedures

The Raatijaga also provide a number of traditional methods which they use to ensure equilibrium within their community. An example is training of discussing foods among loved ones when a single loved one grabs seafood or hunts creatures for meals, they discuss it with all others to be able to present value for just one another and look after balance with their neighborhood. In the same way, when a person passes away in a Raatijaga community, households should come together to remember the dead person’s existence by singing songs or showing accounts about the subject this assists guarantee that anyone recalls them fondly while offering comfort in times of grief.


The beliefs and practices of the Raatijaga provide us with insight into how Native ethnicities all over the world are living harmoniously with mother nature while respecting each other’s exclusive ethnic identities. Off their animistic opinion of spirituality on their communal approach towards sharing solutions among members of the family, there’s without doubt that we can discover a lot from discovering this intriguing customs further! If you’re considering being familiar with it your self, there are many publications available on the web which explore various aspects of Native ethnicities similar to this one in increased range.


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