We Are the Ants Business Understanding the Technology Behind Geofencing and Dog Collars

Understanding the Technology Behind Geofencing and Dog Collars


Retaining your furry friend safe could be a challenge, particularly if offer an active puppy that likes to wander. Thankfully, there exists technology offered to assist. A geofence dog collar is an more popular then ever option for dog owners who want to give their furry buddies a little extra liberty when still retaining them within a safe limit. Let us check out how this technology operates along with the rewards it can offer.

So How Exactly Does It Operate?

dog geofence canine collars use GPS checking modern technology to generate a online barrier around your home or chosen place. You can expect to put in place this limit utilizing the collar’s app on the smart phone, pc tablet, or laptop or computer. After you have setup the borders of the geofence, you will get an warn should your dog strays too much from your home. In this way, you may keep watch over your pet’s whereabouts even if they are away from sight!

The Advantages

The most apparent benefit of using a geofence dog collar is that it offers you satisfaction with the knowledge that your dog won’t move off of very far and obtain into trouble. Additionally, geofencing makes certain that regardless of whether your puppy does move away from home, the individual won’t wind up in an unsafe area or deal with any possible threats. This modern technology also lets you check your pet’s action degrees and the way lengthy they spend outside daily to help you ensure they’re acquiring enough workout without overexerting themselves!

Geofencing also has some functional makes use of also for example, if you wish to keep town for a while but don’t want to put your puppy within a kennel or boarding premises, it is possible to create a short-term geofence with the collar’s app and ensure that your fur baby continues to be risk-free while you’re apart!


A geofence dog collar is an excellent way to keep track of where your pet is constantly and make certain they stay within risk-free borders. With this particular technology, animal owners can rest assured realizing their furry buddy isn’t heading too much whilst still having some additional liberty! In case you’re searching for ways to maintain tabs on where your dog is wandering around off and away to up coming, making an investment in one of these brilliant collars could be just the thing you need!

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