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What To Expect When You’re A New Patient Of Dr. Paul Drago

What To Expect When You’re A New Patient Of Dr. Paul Drago post thumbnail image

If you have an appointment with an otolaryngologist, you may be feeling nervous and unsure what to expect. Let’s take a look at the things that you can expect from this appointment.
You May Have A Hearing Test
The otolaryngologist will test your hearing, which is usually quick and painless. You may need to wait a few minutes after the test before you leave so that they can determine your results. If you have hearing problems, the doctor will refer you to an audiologist for further evaluation.
Your Doctor Might Look In Your Ears, Nose And Throat
When you are a new patient, your doctor will want to know more about you and what’s going on with your ears, nose and throat. To get an accurate picture of the state of your health, Dr. Paul Drago may need to look inside these areas.
This can be done in a number of ways. Some common ones include:
● Taking a detailed medical history (i.e., getting a history from you)
● Asking questions about symptoms and medical conditions that could affect how they treat you
● Performing a physical exam (i.e., examining the body)
● Ordering additional tests if necessary
You Might Need Testing Before Your Appointment
If you’re a new patient, you might have a hearing test or other exams before seeing the doctor. If this is the case, it’s important to understand that these tests are part of the exam process and not an inconvenience. They help your doctor make sure that everything looks normal inside your nose and throat so they can recommend treatment for any problems.
If you’re looking for an Dr. Paul Drago otolaryngologist, hopefully you’ll consider the one mentioned above! He wants to help you live a healthier life and he can do that by providing the best care possible. This doctor is highly trained in hearing, swallowing and other ear nose throat conditions. He can also provide diagnoses of diseases like cancer or tumors during their procedures which means no more waiting around for results from other doctors!

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